Youtube is virtually my main form of video entertainment since the pandemic started. I ditched my Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus etc. subscriptions because I realized I spend more time on Youtube. This is where I list the channels I really enjoy bingeing and would recommend you to check out.


Comedy and Skits

Danny Gonzales
Danny doing things. Not Drew Gooden.

Drew Gooden
Drew doing things. Not Danny Gonzales.

Home of Cyanide and Happiness on Youtube. The daily comic has been produced since 2005.

Fire Department Chronicles
Skits about the heroes living amongst us today: the fire fighters, the first responders, the EMTs, the paramedics, etc. Seriously my current favorite channel.

Good Mythical Morning & GM-More
Two middle-aged men who are pretty much the internet’s favorite dads.

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik
Erik made a living by writing commendable comments on random videos.

What do you get when you mix NileRed and NileBlue? A brilliant impostor called NileGreen.

PornSoup –
Their last upload was 2017, but here’s the place to see the Kayden Kross and the Manuel Ferrara acting on comedy skits about their lives outside of the sets. And I mean it: real acting, and real comedy.

Note: I swear to God this channel used to exist. I checked this in late July 2022 and apparently Youtube has terminated the account. I seriously am devastated that people wouldn’t be able to see its hilarious contents again.

House of StandUpIndo on Youtube, where Adjisdoaibu’s brilliant program ideas being showcased to the public.

Trixie & Katya
Extravagant, voluptuous natural duo pouring you tea and cackling over life stories.

Watts The Safeword
Adorable gay couple serving fun sexual education contents, with a few kinks.

Crime, Criminal Justice, Unsolved Mysteries, etc.

Note: Practically, most of these channels are very similar one to another and they often collab for videos, so, I apologize if the descriptions aren’t inviting enough. But if you do like this genre, you’ll love all of them, just like I do.

Barely Sociable
A combination of interesting heavy topics and heavy voice. It’s *chef’s kiss*.

Beside the Dying Fire
Interrogation videos of criminals and murderers! Yes!

Mysteries and disappearances of people! Spooky!

Chill Fuel
What additional information do you need aside from the channel title?

Dave’s Lemonade – Crime Documentary
Mostly cover court files and commentary on child/ adolescent predators. About 50+ minutes long on average, so it’s good as a background when you’re cleaning your space or sth.

Honestly, one of the better channels out there when it comes to crime documentaries. Uploads very regularly, the audios are clear, narration and commentary are decent. I recommend this wholeheartedly.

JCS – Criminal Psychology
The pioneer of criminal psychology genre on Youtube, which was proven by so many “JCS-inspired” channels these days. Breaking downs of police body cam and interrogation footages.

Kendall Rae
Presumably the most successful true crime commentary channel that had repeatedly invite the relatives of victims/ survivors to participate. She gave them platform to speak, clarify the truth, and sometimes push the investigation to get picked up again by the authorities. I love how respectful the community Kendall has nurtured here.

Mr. Nightmare
A little bit different than many of the channels on this category, Mr. Nightmare is more on the horror/ thriller side of Youtube. Suitable for a lonely Friday night.

Chronicles of internet mysteries, narrated with calming voice and small fun skits. Bonus: Nexxy is actually a very gorgeous man.

Nick Crowley
The internet is real scary. Nick will tell you why.

Red Tree Crime
Police interrogation videos. *nods in approval*

Hey, crime channel with woman’s voice narrating it, how refreshing! But I usually feel down after watching ReignBot’s videos just because they cover mostly frustrating cases. Approach with caution.

Fun & Casual Education

Ask A Mortician (Caitlin Doughty)
I swear people with the most bizarre professions have the coolest sense of humor. Caitlin answers and explains matters of deaths we sometimes curious but too afraid to talk about with her eccentric style.

Casually Explained
The video version of answers to questions people just randomly ask on the internet.

CGP Grey
Mysterious man with soothing voice explaining super interesting stuffs through cool stick figures animations few people even realize they need the knowledge of. Hater of tumbleweed.

Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t
I am in love with this guy –Joey Santore– since I first saw him on Wired Plant Support. Gosh darn, few things are sexier than a man covered in flower tattoos who are experts on things I am not. Anyway, his channel is about weird plants. Very cool stuffs.

It’s a cooking channel. But I subscribed only because I need to know when another video of Master Dan Formosa is published. (Click here to go directly to his Well Equipped series playlist.)

Hydraulic Press Channel
Remember the early days of oddly satisfying video genre? Hydraulic press machine played big part of it and this channel still delivers to this day.

The Quartet: Internet Historian, Internet Historian: Live, Incognito Mode, Storymode
Explainer of everything meta. Rarely uploads on the main channel but every time they do, Reddit will go crazy.

Real attorney lockpicking real locks. Most of his videos are about 2 minutes long and makes you want to try lockpicking yourself because he made it look sooooo… easy.

NileRed & NileBlue
A good-looking chemistry nerd in glasses making dangerous stuffs up in his laboratory (previously in his parents’ garage). Red is for the serious-serious educational stuffs, Blue is for the more laid-back serious videos.

History being simplified, prettified, and fun-amplified. Another channel that’ll trigger hubbub on Reddit whenever new video is available.

Scott Prop & Roll
The naked and bare behind the scenes in the life of a prop master. Warning: overflowed with dad jokes.

Dr. Lindsey Doe explaining all things sex without shaming you for giggling through all of it.

The Restoration 2R
Showcasing the restoration processes of old and rusty machineries, equipment, gears, etc. Very metal.

You Suck At Cooking
Very concise, to-the-point recipe videos without telling you all about the bullshit on how your Nana used to make the ragu for her lasagna.

More Serious Education

Big Think
As their tagline: “Smarter, Faster.” This is the channel where you’d get –usually– under 5 minutes crash course on clickbaitey topics you didn’t think you want nor need. But it’s cool. Examples include how your mind works, childhood trauma, fascism, the big bang, etc. You could transform to become the “Uhm, actually!” kind of person in any conversation after you frequent this channel.

Curious Archive
If people from other dimensions, or even aliens, have a Youtube channel to explain how their world works to us, then this would be it. It’s mind-blowing how interesting sci-fi and our finite imagination could be.

D!ng was Vsauce trio’s playground where fun experiences were tried and explained like magicians trying out their magic tricks. Now inactive because Youtube kinda fucks them over their old name: Dong.

Economics Explained
Self-explanatory channel title.

Journey to The Microcosmos
Uncovering the magnificent microscopic world that are thriving well in our own world, sometimes right under our nails.

MΓΌtter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
It’s rare for a medical museum to have a very interesting and entertaining Youtube channel. You want to see museum-worthy bladder stone to see if yours could replace it? Or learn how to conserve human heart as a token for your next murder victim? Go subscribe to this channel!

PBS Eons
PBS explaining historic and pre-historic eras that made you think of how magnificent life as a whole is and how an individual human’s life is just a pretty tiny freckle in the long, long journey of the universe.

Plainly Difficult
Don’t you realize this young world we live in has survived devastatingly large number of disasters? Find out about some of them on this channel. Possible side effect is hatred towards human beings in general and especially their (/our) greed.

The favorite American school system-approved science learning supplement on Youtube.

Steve Mould
Came for the science, stays for the magnificent pair of his blue eyes. The Sir of chain fountain if you’ve ever known about that Mould effect phenomenon.

Technology Connection
Mr. Alec Watson blessing us with his technical yet fun explanations on everyday items we often overlook/ take for granted. Sometimes to fully understand his videos, strong basics on chemistry, material science, and physics are necessary.

Top-notch animations on top-notch lessons from top-notch educators.

Unreported World
Do you also crave more documentary videos about this dog-eat-dog world we’re living in after watching Seaspiracy on Netflix? Then go binge this channel.

The channel where Michael Stevens is. High-quality, thoroughly-researched, professionally-produced videos on topics that made you leave questioning everything more philosophically. Or is it?

Eye Bleach

A Day of Us
Suuuuper cuteee small animations of a family (dog husband and cat wife with a pea child). Makes me go awww every time.

FluxCup Institute
Labor of love of Fluxcup. Stop motion and lip-sync videos that makes you go “apaan sih anjir hahaha absurd banget kok bisa ya” yet leaves you wanting for more.

Girl with The Dogs
Videos of cute dogs (and sometimes angry cats) being pampered, narrated by their beautiful barber.

Nick Murray Willis
It’s like TikTok where people pick quotes from movies/ TV series/ sport events and reenact it but Nick made it 1000x better because he animated it so well!

Pusheen the Cat
Bulbous animated cute cat everybody loves.

OMG did y’all know how adorable foxes can be? Search for Dixiedo and Finnegan for an instant mood booster of your day!

Westminster Kennel Dog Show
Super prestigious national dog show where only the most beautiful, talented, and smart dogs show-off their skills.

How-To-s & DIYs

Dad, how do I?
I, for one, think that repairing should’ve always been an active verb that is as non-gender specific as cooking; meaning everybody will benefit from knowing the very basic stuffs. But it’s been embedded in our genes for far too long that male and female humans have different, specific roles in society. So, for practical life advice, we’d usually turn to our Dads. This channel provides answers to questions we would ask our Dads (instead of our Moms), as a backup from when our actual ones don’t have the answer to, are no longer existing, or went out to get sugar for far too long.

Mike Boyd
Want to impress your nieces and nephews during the Christmas visits? Or awe-ing your work colleagues in one of those casual office gatherings? Mike will show you his process of learning the how to-s of intricate party tricks you can also learn (relatively) quickly (so you could get motivated to actually learning them too).


Alto saxophonist Grace Kelly and baritone saxophonist Leo P. blessing our ears with their talent and iron lungs.

Gabriel Collier
Short videos of cool music. The actual point of this channel is to give music transcriptions (you know, the notes and all) so that people can also play them. But for a non-musician like I am, this channel provides the Youtube version of discovering the Tiktok realm for flabbergasting music.

Hello Foe!
Another channel of short videos on music, with jazz as its main flavor. This one’s for the “WHOA THAT’S FUNNY” type of videos that will jolt the part of your brain that handles joy. Unfortunately the shock will only last for a relatively short time. Fortunately they got a lot of videos up already.

Jacob Collier
There are only two types of people: The kind that believes that Jacob is the Beethoven/ Mozart/ Bach of our time, and the kind that believes Jacob –by himself– exceeds those three.

Marc Rebillet
Our Lord and Savior in robe, the God of music improv, the one and only Loop Daddy: Marc Rebillet.

Oliver Street
Shorts about music everybody can relate to. Another TikTok-y style channel. But this one’s amongst the good ones, I guarantee.

Rob Scallon
Music! String instruments!! Whoa!!! So cool!!!!
(But in all seriousness, Rob’s channel is the first one that got me into this music genre Youtube rabbit hole with his Fascinating Instruments playlist where I first learn about Theremin — An instrument you play by not touching it. I told my hardcore Star Wars fan brother about it and he agreed it’s a musical instrument only a Jedi Master could play.)


Hamilton Morris
I knew him from his show on VICE called Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, and I just couldn’t get enough of him. Handsome, tall guy with glasses, heavy voice, and incredible knowledge in drug chemistry.. what more could you want in a man, right?! This channel is for selected podcasts he had done with other chemistry/ drug experts which previously exclusive only for his supporters on Patreon.

Now inactive, Harmontown was the live show people paid for to hear Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) blabbering freely on the stage. Sometimes D&D was involved.

On Guard
Where hot older gays are smoking cigars while chit-chatting about the good (and bad) ‘ole days of being gay in the States. Think of it as a very intriguing history class with the survivors, veterans, victims, and victors themselves telling you their stories. Because these guys really did survive the start of AIDS epidemic/ pandemic in the 1980s, before most of us even ever heard about the existence of viruses.

Safety Third & Safety Third Highlights
I honestly don’t know if I should put this on WIW or PILT. But this is a podcast where ADHD-ridden, established science Youtubers rarely successfully trying not to talk over each other for approximately an hour long. William Osman! Nigel NileRed! Kevin TheBackyardScientist! sometimes with guests like Peter Sripol! Allen Pan! Alex “i did a thing” Apollonov! Tom Stanton! Dr. Bernard ChubbyEmu! Michael Reeves (yes, he is not only ‘Lilypichu’s boyfriend from OfflineTV’; he’s a literal coding God.)! etc!

Soleh Solihun
Kang Soleh is quite undeniably the most skilled casual interviewer Indonesia ever has. He’s witty, sharp, doesn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, while also has his own way to make his interviewee comfortable. My favorite would be the ones that use bahasa Sunda.

Vlog, Unthemed

Ethan Klein
Ethan’s newest ranting place.

Husband and Husband

i did a thing
Alex the Australian man doing what Australians do best: living life alongside deadly animals invading their houses.

kawika singson
Rose to my attention because of his lava dripping into the ocean video. Subscribed because there’s nothing not to like about under 10-minutes of glances into an adventurous, very fit ectomorph Hawaiian man’s energetic life.

Starts as a gamer, stays as a king. Swedish man living in Japan, speaking American English, loving an Italian wife, selling Russian merch. The real Mr. Worldwide right here.

William Osman & WilliamOsman2
An engineer at his core.

Vlog, with Specific Niche

A Chick Called Albert
Following the live of an animal-loving man too gentle for this cruel world. He hatches eggs with his body heat and keeps baby chicks warm under his scruffy beard.

Almost daily walkthrough (literal “walk”-through) of New York City with a native New Yorker so you can feel the current, vibrant situation, instead of exploring Broadway St. or the 5th Ave. by yourself through the Google Earth program which images were recorded in the distant past. (Early March 2022 edit: Aaaaaand now he moved to Florida. I should’ve found his channel earlier.)

Bernadette Banner
The beautiful British seamstress/ dress historian whose restoration and replication works of the old centuries’ dresses never failed to amaze me.

Brady Brandwood
I’m sorry, Brady, but everyone is only here because of Leon the Lobster. You can’t molt your skin like he could, can you? Hope that’s okay.

James Blackwood – Raccoon Whisperer
Canadian ex-federal police officer resorting in a cabin near the woods where he transformed his porch to be a diner for nearby raccoons. Menu of the day everyday: sausages.

Juno Birch
The live of a Manchester-born alien diva.

Matt Stonie
The eating champ of Youtube. Nuff said.

Max Fosh
Do you have this so called “once in a lifetime” list of things you wanted to do in your life? This guy’s list is probably the length of the Earth’s circumference, and he still got more items checked off than many of us could have ever done in 100 lifetimes. The best thing is he documented them for us to watch for free (and then we will all synonymously regret why we didn’t do the things we said we wanted to do).

Michelle Khare
Documentation of a bad-ass lady trying the curricula of so many cool (and sometimes dangerous) job/ career trainings.

Mountain Rug Cleaning
Squuegee + rotary machine + lots of water + special detergent + dirty ass rugs and carpet = Satisfying videos.

On The Roofs | Raskalov
Feel the thrill of being on the roofs of some of the tallest buildings in the world. Get yourself a friend to hold hands with while watching this parkour channel.

Right Choice Shearing
Married couple making a living out in the rural field shearing alpacas, llamas, and sheep. Full of “very satisfying videos” materials here.

Savannah Marie
Mami Tsunami guiding us out from the maze of pyramid schemes. #AntiMLM

A chaotic good Florida man melting metals, exploding fruits, and electrocuting pickles in his backyard.

The Urban Rescue Ranch
Uncle Ben the Farmer eating Clappy Blappys, fighting emus, and loving a kangaroo hit rapper and artist called DaBaby.

Two middle-aged brothers who are pretty much the internet’s favorite nerd dads.

Answering the question of “What is Michael Aranda doing right now?”

Whitebone Creations Hunting
Bone preservations done respectfully.


The art of taking your clothes off sensually yet also playfully in front of a full audience.

I’m not sure what category Watcher should be in because they do have cooking shows (Yay Steven Lim!), spooky shows, touristy stuffs, even alcohol-fueled show (Yay Ricky Wang!). I just love how finally Shane, Ryan, and all the hardworking crews that are with them are free from the dark shadow of Buzzfeed after so many years.

Channels I no longer watch but might still tickle your interest:

Crime Scene Cleaning
Spaulding Decon fun-loving team picking up brain matters from gun-related crime scenes. Also viewers’ favorites: cleaning hoarders’ houses, floor dismantling to remove blood that seeped through the wood tiles, and mold in every crevices.

dakota of earth
The personification of how I think a spiritualistic, pure world wanderer would look like; and I meant it in a very good way. He literally took us exploring the slums in India, the Mayan ruins in Central America, the streets in Palestine, and the rarely explored inside of multiple pyramids in Egypt.

Flagrant Podcast & Flagrant Clips by Andrew Schulz ft. Aakash Singh
If you’re into the riffing style of stand up comedy, Schulz is possibly amongst the greatest in the game today. Aakash Singh has been his long-time buddy, so it’s quite understandable how his comedy style is heavily influenced by Andrew’s, though lately he seems to have found his own color (pun intended) and is on the right track to climb his own stairway to fame. Flagrant is a raunchy podcast. Listeners’ discretion advised.

Pemuda Tersesat
Indonesian younglings’ majlis/ grup pengajian.