Covid-19 has always been scary. But this time for me, it personally gets even scarier.

I am currently home with my parents and 2 toddlers: my niece and nephew. They were supposed to be with their Mom & Dad back in Central Java last week, but mild covid infection that their Mom gets prevented them to come home for at least another week.

It’s my closest Uncle’s 4th day in the hospital. He’s so far in stable condition, but do need oxygen aid to keep him comfortable.

The sister of my neighbor right across our house passed away today, very early in the morning. My Mom heard the families’ wail and cry.

We don’t go out except for very essential food and groceries that couldn’t be ordered from online marketplaces. Even if we do go out, the kiddos stay in the car, and the 1 person who ran the errands has to wear double masks and spray sanitizers all over the clothes before getting in to the car.

It’s bad. I just hope it don’t get worse than this.

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