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PG’s 2023 Top Songs Playlist (PG-23)

PG’s 2022 Top Songs Playlist (PG-22)

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On PG-23

  • Finally a mixed bag of music on my belt!
  • I have no problem La Mamá de la Mamá being my #1 song because it’s objectively a catchy song, and their MV, *chef’s kiss* IT. IS. ART. Everyone should see it at least once in their lifetime.
  • It can be summed up as Arctic Monkeys + Måneskin + Queens of The Stone Age + Noh Salleh + Eurovision + songs I still listen to since 2013 + songs I discovered recently from Reels/ Shorts.
  • There are only 89 songs on the playlist because Youtube Music mistakenly count MVs of several songs as different entries.

On PG-22

  • This year’s recap perfectly shows how repetitive my music listening behavior was, and how my taste somewhat regressed to the year 2013.
  • The playlist only shows 90 songs because the other 10 are soundtracks from the game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, which are unavailable on Spotify.
  • Out of those 100, twenty-four (24!) songs are Arctic Monkeys’ and 11 songs are The Last Shadow Puppets. Really shows how my subconscious worked really hard to manifest going to AM’s concert, in which I’m happy to write that I DID see them in March 2023. Yay!
  • The USSR anthem made it to Top 10 because somehow in early 2022 I just decided to put it on loop as my go-to-sleep song for about a week straight, until I feel like it might sound weird to my housemates.
  • Unlike previous years where reggaetón or songs in Spanish seem to dominate my chart, this time there are only three songs: El Mismo Aire, Sejodioto, and Tuyo.