September 2023 Round-Up

Questions source: Tami Taylor’s materials on with some personal adjustments.

1. What decision do you wish you didn’t have to make this month?

The long time coming decision to end a couple contracts because how unpleasant the mismatch between my idealism and their work requirements are. I just wished I’ve done my research better before saying yes to them even though I’ve already felt something off in my gut right at the beginning. That’ll make everyone’s lives easier, but thankfully, none of us is a baby in a business suit. Things end amicably.

2. What are you questioning?

My sanity.

3. What were the most recent things you learned?

A bunch of Måneskin songs so I could sing along them when I see them in November.
How to sew buttons more effectively.
The location of PDS H.B. Jassin.
How to take better pictures with my sweet potato phone.

4. Where would you like to go?

My perpetual answer to this type of question is New York City, NY. and Argentina, but if we’re talking in the close, foreseeable future, I really want to go to to an aquarium.

5. The last doctor’s appointment you made was because_________

…an aesthetic dentistry treatment.

6. Name 3 things you should have done this month (but didn’t).

Buy an owl doll.
Start weight training
Make more money.

7. What is the last thing you felt guilty about?

Pass. I don’t feel any guilt in general.

8. My life would be easier if_________

…’I have more money’ would be the low hanging fruit answer, but, I think the similarly utopian response would be if the weather is perfect all the time for me to get out of the house. I am genetically predisposed to sweat more than ideal, especially on my face, so this El Nino, heat wave periods, plus our naturally high humidity level really play major roles in my life. I am not a homebody by choice; it’s all the weather’s fault.

9. Does anyone owe you money?

Not that I know of. It’s the perk of obscuring my sources of income from the public eye so that no one really thinks I have money to lend out.

10. When is the last time you intentionally ‘wasted’ a day?

I try to do this less and less, so I don’t think I’ve intentionally wasted any day this month. I have had a couple days where I was on my bed for 15-17 hours, but it’s because of my medication, so I don’t consider that as days wasted.

11. What is your favorite gadget?

My electric toothbrush and my Waterpik® flosser.

12. The mobile app I use the most is_________

…YouTube and Instagram :’)

13. How did you spend most your free time this month?

Youtube and Instagram :’)
I also picked up reading again, went to city libraries, and attended a bunch of art performances.

14. Were you stressed anytime this month? Why?

I tend not to remember my day-to-day stressors, and I believe it’s because I have quite high stress tolerance. I forget things quickly including my own moods and feelings. But if I have to pick a stressor, it would be the time that I am handling those contract termination stuffs.

15. What were the last meaningful things (an)other person(s) said to you?

  • “You’re such an interesting person,” right after I told them that I feel uninteresting because I have problems with my sense of self.
  • “I desperately need you,” when they were in a nervous-inducing situation and I was trying to calm them down from far away.
  • “You’re amazing,” when we were just having a conversation and they blurted that out of nowhere.

16. Who threw the last party you went to?

Couldn’t remember. I don’t go to parties.

17. What went perfectly about your September?

My coughs that had been there for literally 2 months because of the trash air quality in Jakarta finally gone after I went to a pulmo doctor that my psychiatrist referred me to after I complained and asked them to add cough meds alongside my psych meds. I love this —albeit not perfect— publicly-funded healthcare system that we have here in Indonesia. I was so ready to pour money out to fund a 2-weeks escapade to Solo to breathe good air again, but after the pulmo visit, I didn’t have to, and I could use the monies to revamp my wardrobe. Lovely!

18. How old do you feel?

Twenty-nine. Since I was 25 I always feel like I’m a year older than my real age. But my smart scale says that my body age is between 19 to 20 so that’s a small win.

19. OMG!!! _________

…life is so unfair and we’re all supposed to just suck it up and try to stay alive. Very cool concept. /s

20. What pressure did you feel at the end of this month?

No real pressure except for trying to get the free tickets for my folks to the Whoosh experience program, which we didn’t get, and that it’s already October. Last quarter in 2023.

21. The last gift I’ve received was_________

‘Sensitive’ by Jane Granneman and Andre Sólo.

22. If you could change any one day from this month would you?

No, I’m not the time traveler kind. I believe my knowledge is not enough to imagine or create a better outcome of any day that the universe has already presented to me, however sucky that day might be.

23. I believe_________

…that people don’t and couldn’t change. We’re all just accumulating and utilizing skills, abilities, and resources to live comfortably in the society and environment we’re living in. But once you remove the need to fit in, either by being too powerful, being the loudest voice in most rooms, or be on the Bezos-Zuck-Gates level, people would just be however their core selves are.

24. What do you wish you could have skipped but went through it anyway?

That dreadful meeting on a Sunday evening in which I used up all of my poker faces in one sitting.

25. Were you feeling in control of your month?

Pretty much yes. This month went by pretty good, actually.

26. What made this September worthwhile?

Went out with Mom and Pop trying the new train in town. Met Milen again after a while. New meds that work quite good. New moisturizing ritual that seems to be working, making my face more youthful, smooth, and less oily. Egin is back from Kyoto.

27. Were you a good listener to your loved ones?

I try to be. But, again, I forgot things very quickly.

28. I never_________

…question Alex Turner’s gift in songwriting.

29. Have you broken the law? How so?

Not that the government know of. I photocopied so many books in my school years and to this day I still illegally download papers through the internet. Sowwy.

30. Were you often bored?

Thankfully (or unfortunately) we have this handy thing in our possession now that function as no-boredom gadget so I could avoid being bored all the time.

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