October 2023 Round-Up

Questions source: Tami Taylor’s materials on getitscrapped.com with some personal adjustments.

1. Who is (are) the last person (people) you were most glad you spent quality time with?

Bowling day out to celebrate Anne’s birthday was really a blast. We stayed up all night talking heart-to-heart, too, after that. Cute to remember that we’ve known each other for more than 11 years now. Most have found love, one has started a family, all is happy on their own ways and everyone is so supportive. I love them all.

2. Who did you hug this month?

I didn’t hug anyone this month. Or it’s none that I remember of.

3. Describe your month in 3 words.

Nauseated. Shows. Friends.

4. How are you?

Actually pretty good. Did many things that are not particularly new in my book, but pretty memorable.

5. Did you do more talking or listening this month?

I listen all the time so that would always be the default mode, but I do notice I opened up more to more people this month, and it really is comforting to talk to people who listen.

6. Which grocery prices you noticed this month?

Eggs prices fluctuate wildly for the past 6 months but it’s around 25,000/kg now which is on the low side; used to be 32,000/kg. My favorite potato nuggies brand is at 54,000/pc but on good discount day I could find it under 30,000/pc.

7. What was the last stupid thing you did?

Not reconfirming to the dentist first about my appointment before going, and turns out I wasn’t suppose to go in that day.

8. What’s the next book you are going to read?

I want to restart on the thin books again. I have When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner next on my library.

9. What was the mistake?

That I ever gave them a chance.

10. What was the last gift you gave?

Three stalks of white roses and JCo’s mug because we were hanging out there and the girl working the cashier successfully talked me to add it to our bill.

11. What is your mission?

To show, convince, and teach young girls that they holds full authority of their body, while appreciating that it’s the vehicle for us to navigate through life, so it’s meant to be utilized to its full potential, however they see fit, with no outside condescending judgement.

12. If others described you in one word, what would come up the most?

Independent came up a lot even from my close friends, but from acquaintances I figured it’s something along the line of secretive/ mysterious.

13. What is your current bank balance?

I’ll only say here that I do have 6 months worth of monthly expenses ready, so I truly practice what I preached.

14. Describe the last piece of furniture you purchased.

I never really buy furniture except for little decorative wooden panel/ surface.

15. What time did you go to sleep and wake up on average this month?

My watch said it’s 23:08 and 07:31 but with the regularity point of 28/100 so betcha it’s skewed all over.

16. Describe the last time you were embarrassed.

I talked a bit too loud to my parents in public (because they are quite hard to hear, so it’s usual thing at home, but I rarely do it that loud in public).

17. How did you improve yourself this month?

I learnt about my body better when it’s in the hunger nausea mode and educated myself about it more thoroughly. Also I watched a bunch of non-traditional music and art performances, so that expanded my horizon a little bit more than before.

18. How many days did you spend at home, not going out?

Apparently it’s 9 days inside and 22 days of going out. I didn’t know I was that busy, it didn’t feel like I was.

19. In one year from today, what word do you hope best describes your life?


20. Who in your life is crazy talented? What is their talent?

Most of them I don’t know that close (or no longer close), so I’m hesitant to mention their names, but someone is a violin master, the other builds aquarium for public spaces, one do traditional dances, etc.

21. What do you wish there was more of in the world?


22. My favorite sound is______

People buzzing in the background when you’re in a crowded place, like an airport.

23. What impact do you have to have on the world?

That I at least don’t make the world worse for someone else. Good if I could make it better by helping others, but at the very least I want to help myself by not stomping on another human being’s livelihood.

24. If you made laws, what one would you make today?

Make both psychological and physical torture regulated for sexual abuser and violators. Including the possibility to inject rabies to those degenerates who rape children.

25. Describe your last life-changing moment.

The decision to go on a date with my partner for the first time, 7 years ago.

26. What opportunity are you waiting for?

To escape this lovely little town called Jakarta and end up somewhere different (but still as safe).

27. How many emails did you have on a normal day?

About 10 important ones. A lot of marketing and spams, too.

28. What is the last movie you saw?

“Tjoet Nja’ Dhien” (1988) — such masterpiece. I love that movie.

29. Are you settling for something?

Currently? No.

30. What is standing in your way?

My own insecurities. And money. Let’s be real, it’s always the limited amount of money.

31. What’s on the news this month?

The new Israel – Palestine war starting from October 7th with no end in sight.

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