November 2023 Round Up

Questions source: Tami Taylor’s materials on with some personal adjustments.

1. What decision are you glad you made?

That I bought the concert + plane tickets and flew out to Singapore. Turns out it’s not the concert that was the main highlight of the trip but the stay plus the adventures.

2. Share some good advice.

Track your spending.

3. What occupied your mind the most?

How uncertain my future and the overall future of the world is.

4. What was the best conversation you had this month?

A simple thank you to my Mom, but right in front of Kaaba.

5. Do you love your job?

Honestly, no. I know I used to dream about this job, but to actually live it day-by-day, I now find it boring and have this nagging feeling of I should go do something bigger than this.

6. If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be?

(((TW)) Finger skin picking.

7. List 5 things you always had with you.

Phone. One of my watches. Wateru pocket tissue. Portable handheld fan. Cardholder.

8. What are the achievements you are most proud of?

I could list my past achievements from years ago but I don’t think that’d be fair. All I know is everyday that I am not on the verge of mental breakdown and wants to end it all is somehow a small achievement. I am yet to receive an accolade for my work, which is a downer, but, we’ll see, one step at a time. Fingers crossed.

9. What gadgets did you use the most these days?

I’m good with my almost 3 years old phone and my 6 years old laptop. Lol.
This made me realize that maybe I really should renew my laptop soon.

10. What shocked you?

I always knew President Macron is younger than the First Lady Brigitte, but I didn’t realize there’s a 24 years age gap between them. Re: Emmanuel Macron met his future wife when he was 15 and she was 40.

He. Was. Fifteen.

11. What was the last lie you told?

That I enjoyed someone’s company.

12. What is your favorite cuisine?

Not a big foodie, but anything deep fried finger food is always a treat: popcorn chicken, calamari, fries, jalapeno poppers, etc.

13. What do you have too much of?

Free time and acquaintances on Instagram I don’t care about.

14. What do you want to tell yourself in one year?

That I was so brave for having done the things I am scared to try right now. And that I deserve everything good the world has given me, that I shouldn’t ever feel undeserving of love from everyone and the universe.

15. What is your greatest strength?

That I am quite cynical and apathetic about life, making me resilient of things that should’ve break me mentally and emotionally.

16. Other than your clothes and your phone, what was with you the majority of the day?

Pocket tissue is straight-up essential for my sweaty nose. Water bottle because I always need to hydrate. Cologne because I like to smell good even when I’m alone.

17. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Snacking too much potato chips. Scrolling edtwt. Rewatching Hercules and 300 over and over again. Karaoke in my room. Buying flowers for myself. Chocolate.

18. What is bothering you?

That common sense is not common.
Ever since I heard the phrase of “..imagine the average person is doing X, that means half the population is worse than that average person..” I gave up on making a fuss about people’s behavior. I could either accept or move on. No need to try harder.

19. What inspires you?

The successful people that I personally knew of.
Because if I don’t know them that good, everything I saw on their social media posts most definitely is fabricated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

20. What impression did you make on others?

That sometimes I am not talkative which made some people feel uncomfortable because they weren’t sure whether I am okay or if they might’ve said something hurtful to me which made me clammed up in silence.

21. What did you give up on?

I gave up on catching up with current Indonesian music and movies.

22. How did you play them?

By using my chameleon traits.

23. How did you find out?

I stalked them through my second Instagram account.

24. Favorite jewelries?

My gold-and-black ring and earrings because they match with my gold-and-black watch. Also because they’re so versatile unlike my silver and blue jewelries.

25. What sound do you hate hearing?

Screaming, crying baby.

26. Do you feel appreciated?

By myself: yes, very much so.
By other people: not really, but I understand I shouldn’t put so much value in others’ appreciations towards me.

27. My body is __________.

A wonderland.

28. This month I had too much ____.


29. What worries you?

My parents growing older and more frail.

30. What big thing did you get to do this November?

Umrah. U17 football game. Måneskin concert. Visited Singapore.

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