My Bucket List

A genuine Dinner in the Sky experience.

Live in Manhattan/ SoHo in winter time with 4″ of snow outside my apartment at one point.

Bungee jump.

Volunteer my time for a food bank.

Volunteer for a pride event in NY/ LA/ SF/ NOLA.

Establish a non-profit foundation providing easier access for teenagers to sexual and reproductive health resources.

Watch Wrestlemania on the front row and take home the commemorative chair.

Go to (or even have) an Italian wedding like one in The Godfather.

Fully dye my hair to silver/ brown.

Hop onto the Vladivostok -> Moscow Trans-Siberian train.

Fly in a private small plane/ jet/ helicopter.

Visit La Rioja, Argentina for the sake of burying old hatchet.

Experience Dia de Muertos in Mexico.

Come back to South India and eat another authentic masala dosa.

Hire a photographer for a sunrise session at the Brooklyn (or Manhattan) (or even Golden Gate, SF) Bridge.

Donate blood for 100x in my lifetime. — 24/100 done as of May 2023.

Go to Mecca for Umrah/ Hajj. — DONE, umrah in early November 2023.

Visit Vatican and hear The Pope speak.

Visit Bellingham, WA.

Attend a concert/ festival with Arctic Monkeys/ TLSP in the line-up. — DONE, Arctic Monkeys Jakarta, March 18th, 2023.

Visit “Body Worlds” in Amsterdam.

Attend a KV event in London.

Fall in love as deep as the first time. — (kinda) DONE. Seven years might not be as long as seventeen years, but you couldn’t catch up with something that would never stop continuing anyway.