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Feminine Fears

It's so contrast how women's more immediate and relatable fears are dependent on other people's decision to hurt us, while men's top fears are caused by nature, fate, or their own hands.

Playing Advocate for Fetishists

The society feels the ways the fetishists seek satisfactions are troubling, because perhaps: a.) They don't know how to properly approach the desires yet, and b.) The society is just not yet ready to be understanding.

Membicarakan Kematian

Dalam Islam, selalu diajarkan bahwa kematian itu pasti, dan tidak dapat dihindari, dimajukan, atau dimundurkan (QS. Ali Imran: 185; QS. An-Nahl: 61; QS. Al-Waqiah: 60). Lalu kenapa sih kita segitunya menghindari membicarakan kematian?