A Very Late Review from a Very Satisfied Customer

While going through old photos this afternoon, I just realized I have owned my vibrator for more than 4 years, and it still delivers perfectly.

The brand is Crave. The model is Vesper, in Rose Gold.

I got this in September of 2017. The price for this exact model I have at that time was $69 (how appropriate, I know), but now it’s $79 on their official website Lovecrave.com or about $95 on Amazon UK.

The build

It is made from polish 316 stainless steel. I imagine it like the high quality spoons that I have for many years, so it stays shiny and will not rust. Sturdy; about 10 cm of length from the tip to the top. On that top, the brand name “CRAVE” was written there. The top is removable because that’s where the charger connector is, and the tip is shaped like a bullet tip. There’s a single button on the body to operate it (read more on “The function” below). Aside from the charger cable, it also came with a 65 cm chain for me to wear it as a necklace. And I’m gonna tell you: it makes a very beautiful necklace.

The function

The button on the body functions as both turn on / turn off switch. Push it once to start it, push more to change speed, and push a bit longer to turn it off.

Crave has 4 speed settings: low, medium, high, and pulse. I personally only use the low speed setting, because even that, is sufficient to achieve its objective. But the pulse setting is also interesting.

The sound it made is almost silent. If I shall compare it, I swear my fan makes more noise, so it’s not gonna be suspicious for anyone that heard its lul hum from outside my door (unless they read this review; now they will).

My favorite part is, since it’s made from stainless steel, it gets warm when I use it. I never find silicone-covered toys pleasant because of this exact reason.

As I mentioned that, it is rechargeable with the supplied cable. They promote it to last 40 minutes on full charge, but I find even after 4 years, the low speed on full charge of my Vesper could still run for 66 minutes.

Water will damage it, so before and after usage, I always carefully wipe it down with either alcohol rub or mild soap. I just avoid the charger connector and button area.

The verdict

I am impressed and cannot recommend this product enough.

I give Vesper by Crave, five stars.

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