A Look Back Into My 2021

In mid-January 2021, I’ve written a caption on my Instagram post that I set my theme for the year as help; to either help more people, or more importantly, ask for help if I actually need to (I have completely acknowledged that I have problem doing that since years ago).

My 2021 actually started great. I traveled locally for a bit, live was peaceful, COVID-19 cases were kept lowering by days at the national level since their height in January and we all finally felt a glimpse of normalcy again during February-March-April.

Then May came, along with a severe heartbreak for me. Personal stuffs yada yada yada. Sad and depressed for a couple weeks until I almost went to the hospital ER, but then my friends essentially kept me alive so I can be a happy auntie again for my visiting niece and nephew during June-July.

Afterwards, the worst of all came: my family ‘won’ the COVID-19 raffle in early August. Again, just like 2020, the theme for the year of my 2021 was more than I have ever bargained for or imagined as when I set it up at the beginning of the year.

My family received soooooooo much help from my surroundings, primarily from our neighbors. On God, I’m so grateful my Dad & Mom picked and participated in such close-knit, helping, and attentive housing community. No wonder Islam told us to always be good to our neighbors because really, they’re the real closest ones we would ask for help from, as our blood families may live far away from us.

I also want to thank my medical worker friends (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital staffs, and their respective partners too who introduced me to them) for their dedication to the country in general, and their kindness + professional opinions when I asked them in panic/ confusion during our worst days.

My sincerest thank you also to my super understanding clients about my family situation, and just to friends + acquaintances in general who prayed and wished for our recovery. I can’t really express how grateful I am to have you all in my live. Alhamdulillah, all my family members have recovered and currently healthy at the point I’m writing this.

Now, about the third quadrimester, which might be the most personal highlight of my year. Starting October, I finally went back seeking professional help for my previously undiagnosed disorders. I will not talk too much about that here because I’ve posted 9 materials on my Instagram, written 7 blogposts here, and made 7 videos you could watch on Youtube on that topic alone. I don’t want it to be too excessive.

Currently, I’m here preparing for 2022 by being thankful, trying to remember to keep taking my medications and scheduling my next psychiatric appointment, planning to spend more time with my parents, aiming to buy/ pay less for stuffs and more for experiences and adventures, raising my income and reducing my unnecessary expenses, and hoping to find a spouse. lol.

[Psst, I’m getting tired of my Mom hard-selling me to her arisan and pengajian friends, so please GOD, let 2022 be my year if YOU say so (but even if it’s still not, I personally won’t complain though, I know YOU know I love my alone-ness, but just give my Mom more patience, please, okay, bye.)]

If you want to learn more about ditching the ever-unsuccessful ‘New Year Resolution’ stuffs and hop on to the ‘Theme of The Year’ train, too, please watch this video by CGP Grey titled “Your Theme” or the podcast for his 2022 theme on Cortex Podcast channel. My own theme for 2022 is low-key wealth and prosperity. We’ll see how the universe takes my hint on that :]

Happy New Year 2022, everyone!

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